Showing promise early in life, Bar-Keth quickly moved up the ranks in the hobgoblin war machine. Eventually as the army was deployed to support The Great War Bar-Keth’s regiment headed north east to support the orcs working their way into the Greenway.

The combined allied forces prevented the two forces from linking up, and soon scattered the hobgoblin regiment into broken pieces. Bar-Keth found his platoon massively outnumbered and pursued by human cavalrymen. Rather than waste his troops lives needlessly, Bar-Keth chose to surrender and his platoon joined the stream of disarmed prisoners of war headed south.

Along the way Bar-Keth and his men met up with a group of adventurers headed north and led by Lord Del. Tensions were high but did not spin out of control into violence. Bar-Keth and his men continued south to the city of Cerulean Springs with a new found hope that they would safely reach their homeland.

While awaiting processing and release from captivity in Cerulean Springs Bar-Keth and his men were approached by Del and offered a position as guards for a new settlement. The former soldiers were ecstatic at the offer at a new start for their chosen profession. Arriving at Thirdson’s Keep, Bar-Keth quickly assumed the role of head-of-the-watch with both his soldiers and a small complement of cavalrymen under his direction.

During his tenure as head-of-the-watch Bar-Keth has served notably and honorably both in battle and as a peacekeeper. Though he lost half of his platoon due to budget cutbacks and bear attacks Bar-Keth has managed to keep peace in Del’s lands. When not tasked with patrols and keeping his small garrison running the hobgoblin even finds time to sit on the small council which rules in the Baron’s absence.

As if his plate were already not full enough, the tireless soldier also became responsible for feeding Sir Pounce de’Leon while the heroes go off on adventures. While he makes a huge fuss and bother about it each day, cursing up a hobgoblin storm, when no one is looking he even had time for snuggles.


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