Status: Active

Recent Events
Though most of his background is a mystery to everyone in the group that established the new settlement in the easternmost third of The Duchy of Austric known as Thirdson’s Keep, he been one of the most constant mainstays at the side of Lord Del.

Of the original founding adventurers only he, Lord Del and Marenius remain. Despite being the least trusted of the group he has been the only one to remain by Lord Del’s side when the group is not adventuring. He is also the one most likely to be sent out for the less seemly duties.

Despite having no real reason to Atarys stays with the group and at the side of Lord Del. Since early on in their careers together Atarys has assisted in revealing that the acolytes that were being sent out to start a new temple in Thirdson’s Keep may have been less than scrupulous, assisted in recruiting some of the colonists (chiefly prostitutes), and was from the start a staunch supporter of using the Hobgoblins led by Bar-Keth to guard the town. He most recently was given information that helped keep the group from attending the party in Tau Resh that saw the untimely loss of Lord Franklin as well as many other leaders.

Little is know of Atarys’ background. He has openly stated that he has come from and operated in western portions of Terra Malrotte and has some familiarity with Bombaston and Tau Resh. It has been recently discovered that he has some familiarity with and individual with ties to, at the very least, an individual murdered who was directly connected to the incident in Tau Resh. The individual is a particularly nasty sort known as “The Ravenous”.

Atarys is likely the most enigmatic member of the group. Despite the general belief that he is up to no good he is rarely involved in any sort of nefarious activities. Even when he planned to slay a goblin that had been captured and was being cared for by the druid Shithead, Atarys took care to (in what he felt was a show of respect to Shithead) inform him that it would happen. He is otherwise very reserved and will not offer much to general conversation, unless he feels very strongly about the subject.


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