Thirdson's Keep

A refurbished ruin nestled in the far eastern corner of Austric. The keep serves as the humble home-base of the eponymous third son of Duke Gano.

The ancient and weathered keep was most recently occupied by a band of trolls, until it was liberated by Del and his adventurers. while the structure was near decrepit it was recognized for its strategic location in the colonial push by The Steadfellows in attempt to civilize their eastern territory. It now serves as a launching point for many of Dell’s expeditions across Terra Malrotte.

The structure began as a rusted gate and three out of four walls still standing. With help garnered by The Speech That Launched a Kingdom it has grown into a solid fortress and burgeoning local capital, surrounded by farms, a booming brew-works and serviced by a mostly disease free brothel.


The structure itself is now crowned by a soaring tower occupied by resident court wizard Marenius and capped by a somewhat ambitious landing pad for for Griffins, in hopes of opening a local chapter of The Silver Sabers.

Beneath the structure lies a large causeway, formerly inhabited by ancient spiders and now spanned by the platforms of a cramped but growing Gnomish subterranean village founded by the bard Zwizz, who views the settlement as a new home for his displaced people.

Immediately adjacent to the village and ominously unguarded lies a suspicious looking pile of stone, that may very well be all that stand between the keep and it’s own doorway to hell.

Thirdson's Keep

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