Sir Pounce de'Leon

Acting as unofficial party mascot, Sir Pounce is the embodiment of the spirit of Thirdson’s Keep. Adopted as a scraggly alley-cat by the Tiefling pirate Dogmeat, just prior to the destruction of the human capital city. Sir Pounce remains as comfortable when out of his element as any of his owners.

It has been observed by Dogmeat that people find the Tiefling much more approachable when holding the coal black ball of fur, and he has used this to his advantage, winning friendship among the keep’s hobgoblin militia.

While the cat was originally intended as ghost bait, he is now the hulking half-demon’s best friend and closest confidant.

Favorite place to lurk Under the stairs in the wizards tower where the beetles are fat and juicy.

Favorite Food Not one to prefer treats or kibble when offered, Pounce prefers sniffing at gifts and returning for them later. Instead, the cat’s greatest pleasure is found in eating whatever potted plants M is attempting to grow in his study. It seems that even magical wards cannot keep this feline from going where he pleases.

Sir Pounce de'Leon

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