Tales of Eos

Githyanki Outpost
Battle with Mindflayers!

The Thirdsonkeepers traveled to the icy north in search of the rumored vampire fortress, only to stumble upon an enclave of Githyanki undergoing a right of passage.

After an initially hostile encounter, where Del and M were overpowered and taken prisoner, the remainder of the party negotiated their release and agreed to escort a troop of novices deep into the mountains on a mindflayer hunting quest. In exchange the party was promised directions to the misty regions reportedly inhabited by an ominous vampire.

A couple wiki formatting requests

Guys, I have a couple requests to keep the wiki organized for the future.

1. When you create a page for something non specific (like elves or paladins or whatever) please make the page named in the singular. So for example instead of making a page called Elves, please make the page called Elf, similarly call it Paladin instead of Paladins. This is going to prevent future duplicate pages.

1A. When you want to link to the singular entry but the grammar doesn’t work out right you can change the link name to whatever you want using the following syntax. Ignore spaces between the brackets, I have to put them in so you can see the characters correctly.

When you see this….
The elves are pussies.

I typed this…
The [ [elf | elves] ] are pussies.

Which means I can use elves to make my sentence sound correct but it actually will go to the page called “Elf” using the singular.

2. Please try to avoid using the word “The” in your page names. When the list of pages sorts out we have half our entries non-alphabetized because of The being in the page name.

Dan, if this helps, you can search by key word when inserting the link. Will save tons of time with or without the ‘The’ – mike

3. Please don’t be offended if I steamroll over your placeholder one sentence description when I try to do my FULL GM writeup on a subject. I had to do this a couple times because the one-sentence entry doesn’t make sense tacked on to a 5 paragraph write-up. Nothing personal!

4. For now leave pictures off the Main Page with the Table of Contents. It takes a LONG time to load with all the pics and I go to that page every couple minutes. Once we get things mostly fleshed out we can go back and gussy up the main page with a proper one. As of now I just am using the main page to figure out what to add.

5. This thing is looking KICKASS. Thanks especially to Mike for getting the ball rolling. I can’t imagine how awesome this would have looked if we had done it from the start….


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